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The Tandem Standard of Care

Adobe at Evergreen is managed by Tandem Properties. Tandem has been proudly serving the community of Davis for the last fifty years. We have a long history of giving back to the local community and pride ourselves in doing things a little differently. With over 1900 apartment homes to choose from and a staff that goes the extra mile to meet your needs, we are dedicated to customizing your living experience, just for you. Whatever your needs, at Tandem, we want to provide you with more than a place to live; we want to give you convenience, community, and comfort in a place you are proud to call home.
  • Founded by a UCD Alumnus and employing both current and former UCD students, no one GETS student housing like we do.
  • Over 50 years experience offering quality rental housing to the Davis community.
  • Friendly hands-on ownership & management that's responsive to your daily housing needs.
  • Reputable business practices with a respect for renter's rights -- we helped create the Davis Model Lease and the City's Renter Education Guide.
  • Locally owned and oriented-- shacking with us helps us continue to offer scholarships, support local schools, and proudly BACK our UCD Aggies!